Current Members

Former Chairs

Former chairmen of the Committee for Industrial Organization were:

  • 1987-89: Prof. Dr. Manfred Neumann, Nuremberg
  • 1989-91: Prof. Dr. Dres.h.c. Horst Albach, Bonn
  • 1991-93: Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Ramser, Constance
  • 1993-95: Prof. Dr. Arnold Picot, Munich
  • 1995-97: Prof. Dr. Niklaus Blattner, Basel
  • 1997-99: Prof. Dr. Joachim Schwalbach, Berlin
  • 1999-01: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Clemenz, Vienna
  • 2001-03: Prof. Dr. Rolf Bühner, Passau
  • 2004-05: Prof. Konrad Stahl, PhD, Mannheim
  • 2005-07: Prof. Dietmar Harhoff, PhD, Munich
  • 2007-09: Prof. Dr. Manfred Stadler, Tübingen
  • 2009-11: Prof. Dr. Peter-J. Jost, Vallendar
  • 2011-13: Prof. Dr. Winand Emons, Bern
  • 2013-15: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kaiser, Zürich
  • 2015-17: Prof. Volker Nocke, PhD, Mannheim
  • 2017-19: Prof. Dr. Christine Zulehner, Vienna
  • 2019-21: Prof. Paul Heidhues, PhD, Düsseldorf
  • 2021-23: Prof. Philipp Schmidt-Dengler, PhD
How to become a member

Are you interested in joining our committee? Then please feel free to contact us. Membership is based on the proposal of at least two committee members. Above you can download the list of members.